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Passport to Enclavia by Vitali Vitaliev

“Vitali Vitaliev is that rare thing: a comic writer who is also serious. And what he says about the shifting currents of an Europe trying to redefine its identity in the wake of so many changed geo-political realities is never less than compelling. Read this book for the pleasure of Vitaliev’s wry take on human folly and for his penetrating analysis of a continent grappling with manifold dilemmas. He is, as always, a great traveling companion.”

Douglas Kennedy

“This exploration of European identity makes for a fascinating, often very funny, journey; and like all the best travellers, Vitaliev can also be magnificently grumpy.”


“Imagine Michael Palin, Clive Anderson and Bill Bryson all rolled into one and you’ll have some idea of what to expect.”


“Vitaliev’s good book is about the nature of enclaves, the futility of frontiers and the ingenious and amusing ways that people bothered by customs, border guards, permits and forms manage to swat them away with minimum fuss.”

European Voice

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